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Ambiguous is one of the best software testing companies in India. Quality assurance and testing are the two main and rigorous part of any
custom software development
. Software testing always improves the productivity and quality of product. This ultimately helps the stakeholders to make proper decisions.

Ambiguous testing and quality assurance team communicate with clients in real time and provide them the testing documentation on daily basis to let them know what is done so far and what has to be done to fix all the issues related to their product. Our team will do accurate analysis and testing at every production steps. We at Ambiguous also provide you the testing and quality assurance of third party software. Our testing team utilizes all their testing skills and experience to ensure that all the features of the software is working properly, checking its compatibility, server potential, performance load and security.

Our Best Affordable Software Testing Services

Ambiguous comes under one of the best software testing service company in India. We conduct independent testing services for third party apps and solutions. You can run your business without any hassle or concern about the functionality and security of your product or solution. We provide in-depth testing service from functionality testing to compatibility testing. We are listing some of our services –

  • Functionality Testing – Our testers make sure to check the functionality of your product in each and every case. They ensure that your solution delivers the right outcome in every possible scenario.
  • Usability Testing – Ambiguous consider your end users and check the software or product UI/UX accordingly. Our talented team ensures to find out the possible errors, confusing designs and performance flaws. Once they are detected, our developer team fixes the bugs to make the product flawless.
  • Compatibility Testing – Every site comprises of various software’s and most of the time the error or flaw occurs due to the compatibility issues. Our team makes sure to detect these kinds of issues and eliminate them.
  • Performance Testing – Once the app or software is developed it is very necessary for them to work properly on any kind of platforms as well as operating system. This property is known as software scalability and our testers make sure to check the scalability of your product, so that you do not face any issue in reaching to your customer anywhere.

Our Expert Using Latest Top Software Testing Tools or Technology –

Ambiguous testing team always uses the top most tools to test your products and provide you the most affordable and cheap software testing service. These tools will help our testers to detect any kind of flaw or issue in your software and our developers will put their full efforts to eliminate those issues. Our testing service will improve your product quality and help you to sit back, relax and focus on your business.

  • Q Test

    It is a test management tool made for those who practice in agile and DevOps. It has seamless test automation scheduling and real time integration with Jira. Our testers work tremendously on github, Jira which help them to use this software seamlessly.

  • Appium

    It is the open source test tool for any type of mobile application. It allows testers to test any native, hybrid, mobile apps. It does not need SDK to test the native apps.

  • Perfecto

    It helps to do the cloud based testing. It is a SAAS platform which helps testers to test the mobile,
    web development
    and IOT technology. It provides an agile environment and easily integrates with other tools such as selenium etc.

  • SoapUI

    Tester use this to do the performance and load test of API. Its vulnerability features help to secure the sites from hackers. It is a functional testing tool for SOAP and REST.

  • Bugzilla

    It is the best tool to detect the bugs in the software development. All the India’s best testing company uses this tool to detect the defect in the software. It has the most optimize database structure.

  • Jira

    It is also one of the defects tracking tool. It can record; report the bugs of the software to testers. Its query language helps to create quick filters.

We Are Offering Different Types of Software Testing Services –

Cloud Testing

Now a days from small to large companies are migrating to cloud server and that is why cloud testing is become necessary to test the functionality and business requirements. Ambiguous testers use the real world web traffic to test web based applications. Cloud testing also help to test the product redundancy and performance scalability.

Automated Testing

Testing software thoroughly is today’s need. It is necessary to eliminate the bug so that the software can work as close as possible to the requirement. To test all possibilities are sometime laborious and to save time, automation testing is considered. Ambiguous use special and popular automation tools to carry out the automation testing procedure. This controls execution of test and compare it to real test results as predicted.

Agile Testing

Agile testing is a continuous process rather than a sequential process. It totally depends on the customer’s requirement. Our team continuously remains in touch with the clients to know their requirement and develop the product according with regular testing as the functionality increases in the solution.

Mobile Testing

This testing is basically done for
mobile applications
. Mobile applications are different from the web developed software’s or solution. It is very necessary to check the solution performance on different platform whether it’s android or iOS or Mac. It checks the app functionality, usability and consistency on different platforms.



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