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Latest technologies such as social media, mobile, cloud and big data has been greatly impacting the protection strategies. As they are increasing the security threat is also increasing and drives the security needs in IT infrastructure. It challenges the current security controls and risk enterprise important data. Thus it is very important for any business to have security strategies and situational awareness using monitoring, analysis and reporting.

Ambiguous expert and experienced security professionals will offer best IT security solution that addresses the key challenges faced by today’s enterprises. We focus on the agility, flexibility and cost effective security programs, so that your solution can handle the present as well as coming needs of top best information security companies and service provider in India. We ensure you the optimal solutions in the areas of data protection, cyber security management and monitoring and many more.

Ambiguous Offers Following Information Security Services –

Identity and access management – As technology is increasing day by day whether its IOT, m2M communication productivity is increasing but external & internal threat is also increasing. That is why demand of identity has been increased as all the businesses wants to secure their own assets and information so that no one can take wrong advantage of them.

Data Protection & Privacy – In the era of iPads, online transactions threats are increasing day by day and securing them is also very challenging. It requires highly experienced and skillful professionals, who can provide you proper roadmap, various engagement models that optimally use the IT security models. At ambiguous our experts will provide you the following services against data breaches – Data Protection Audits, Risk Assessment, Data Mapping Classification.

Cyber And Infrastructure Security – All businesses need an effective cyber security solution to monitor their real-time issues related to their data, systems and networks. This is what Ambiguous experts provide to you in the following cyber security services – Advance malware protection, network risk assessment, cloud & virtualization security, mobile security, host & end point security.

Governance, Risk & Compliance – We at Ambiguous will help you to have your own information security risk office to manage all the existing as well as upcoming threats to your businesses. We will let you know the process, educate your people to handle threats and let you know the best solutions.

You Know About Best Information Security Tools –

At Ambiguous we use the best and top most security testing tools which will help you to detect the security threats in your networks, data management, and software. Get best security tools here –

  • Wire Shark

    It is the best tool to detect the threats in your network as it checks the minutest details in your network. Wire shark is known as actual network analyzer, network sniffer or network analyzer for accessing the real time traffic on your network.

  • Nessus

    These tools scan vulnerabilities in a computing system and network. Easy to use, offer fast and accurate scanning and provide you the comprehensive outlook of your network weaknesses.

  • Metasploit

    Ambiguous use this software to detect the vulnerabilities, managing security analysis, as well as formulating defense methodology. It can be used on servers, online applications, networks and several other places.

  • NMap

    This can be used to scan your system and networks. It is a free open source tool used to detect the security threats to your network. It can be run on any operating and can be used for small as well as large applications.

  • Burp Suite

    It is a real time security network security scanner designed to detect the critical vulnerabilities on your network. This suite is available in three versions- community, enterprise and professional.

  • Netstumbler

    It is free security software for windows users. It finds the open access time in a wireless network. It is a scanner tool to check vulnerabilities that other security scanner totally miss.

Types of Cyber Security Attacks or Exploits –

SQL Injection

It is a type of injection attack in which attackers execute malicious SQL statements in your network to retrieve important information. It is increasing due to automated tools. To protect the integrity of your website and software our experts will take precautions regarding the security while
software development
processes itself. Our experts use the two most common practices to defense this type of attack – continuous update of server on daily basis and well written website codes.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

XSS allows attackers to introduce client side scripts which can be viewed by others. It is type of vulnerability is common in web applications. Its impact varies on web applications such as session high jacking, disclosure of sensitive data. Our developers will apply a context dependent output coding on your applications to prevent this type of attack.

Remote File Inclusion

It is a type of attack on web application using external scripts. In this type of malware attack the perpetrators exploit the referencing function from a remote URL located in various places. The consequences of this attack are compromising server, information leak and complete control over the site which include the content change possibility also. Our experts will input proper validation code to avoid this threat.

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)

CSRF is another attack to web applications. In this the malware attacks by sending message through a malicious website to a
mobile app
on which the user is already authenticated. In this way the attackers can have crucial information related to the user and use them to forge someone. The most common method to prevent this type of attack is to append CSRF Token through each session. Our experts will always keep in mind the cyber vulnerabilities to avoid them at initial phase itself using the correct prevention methods.



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