Application Maintenance Services: Application Support Services in IN, US, CA, UK & AU

In today’s world of modernization, aging software can always hamper your agility, productivity, and flexibility. As technology is changing, Re-engineering or you can say the change in your software functionality is the only constant element. To stay relevant, businesses have to be upgraded in terms of technology, functionality so that they can easily meet the end-user experience and requirement and become sustainable in present as well as future.

Ambiguous Solutions is one of the most popular application support companies and service providers in India, US, UK, CA & AU. You can have affordable as well as reliable service from us. Our experts will take the responsibility of your mobile as well as web solution so that you can focus on your business profitability and productivity. In this competitive world shrink with IT budgets, a business faces the challenge of monitoring & detecting defects and efforts needed to solve them to increase 3E’s i.e. efficiency, effectiveness, and experience.

You are on the right place! Ambiguous Solutions is considered as one of the most popular application support company and service maintenance provider. Our team gives their full effort to manage the 3Es of business –

  • Efficiency – Our team will use the latest scientific and industrial approach which will continuously focus on improving, innovating operational practices in your company and improve operation efficiency.
  • Effectiveness – Our main aim is to focus on the fact that the “process is a service”. We use the urbanization approach to increase the overall business performance and measurable impact on each line of business.
  • Experience – Your solution will be focusing on your end-user experience. The solution will be built knowing the insight of user persona so that they do not feel uncomfortable using the solution and fulfilling their requirements.

Ambiguous Support and Maintenance Services -

Ambiguous is the best support service provider in India. You can have full cycle support as well as 24*7 supports from us for your web and mobile solution.

Application Maintenance – Ambiguous solution give you complete application maintenance service including consultation, performance control, license check and resource availability.

System Monitoring – Our team will monitor your core applications and their overall performance. In our service we provide you the event log management, backup & recovery.

Application Improvement – Our experts will check your existing apps and find out the bugs and check the performance & compatibility of all
Mobile apps
. We will let you know the improvement plans and work accordingly.

Migration of OS and server – It is very important that the operating system and server perform to their utmost. Our experts will help you to migrate to new operating system or server and improve the productivity and performance of your business.

Tools To Be Used To Improve Productivity, Efficiency & Overall Performance

This is very important to a service provider to use latest technology to improve your product or app or else your business will not be able to compete in this era. Ambiguous team uses the latest technology and tools to provide you the best, excellent and unsurpassable quality of service.

  • Jira

    Its developer uses this tool to report bugs, improvements and feature requests made by customers. It is an issue management tool that allows team to manage daily issues throughout apps life cycle.

  • Slack

    It is one of the chat tools. Our whole team uses this tool to communicate openly or privately on your issues. This is the only way through which we can manage several channels or processes of your service without any hassle.

  • Google Analytics

    It is very important to know what your traffic is doing on your network then only you can take wise decision on “How to improve the network so that the traffic increases and converted into customers”. Our specialist will look into your web traffic and provide you the best possible solution.

  • DropBox

    Our team uses this tool to view, retrieve or share all files from anywhere to anyone. With this tool our team can easily share the details of issues in your app to all their team members as well as to you so that you can remain updated on “what’s going with your project”.

  • Jing

    It is one of the most amazing tools as it allows our team members to capture photo as well as video on their screen. This is how we are able to share our concerns to our team members as well as to you.

  • Team Viewer

    This tool help us to access your computer remotely whether it’s desktop sharing, file transfers, web conferencing and online meetings. It also provides audio or video support with customers.

ASP/PHP Web Application Maintenance

Maintenance of web application is as important as their development. Regular checkups required to enhance the existing technology such as PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.1 , scaling and bug fixing. Our team work on multilevel support mechanism so that your issues can be investigated, analyses and resolve promptly to your utmost satisfaction.

Custom CMS Website

Do you want to change your website frequently then you should go with CMS website instead of a static website. A Content Management System (CMS) allows users to edit the content on website by using login credentials. This will help you and your employees to update the website on daily basis. Our developer and
web designing
team are experts in developing a Custom Based CMS
website Development
for you as per your requirement.

Mobile Apps (iOS & Android) Support

Enhance and upgrade your mobility solution by using our mobile app support and maintenance service. Our team will address your queries promptly, integrate the enterprise solution, performance monitoring, App store management and monitoring, 3rd party integration upgrade, feature extent and may more.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixing is the very important work as it totally affects your website performance and ultimately the end user experience. Our experts will keep an eye on your app performance and resolve all the bugs arise do to app functionality or 3rd party app compatibility. You can easily raise your concerns and our team will look into it to let you know what the issue is? & how to resolve it? to get better end results.



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