NSYICKarhal Website & Mobile Application

Narsingh Yadav Intercollege developed this android based mobile application so that the studies can be continued and the academic session can be completed on time. App has videos from Diksha and Swayamprabha (uploaded in Youtube).

Alongwith videos, NCERT content and syllabus is also uploaded for students to get the reference for studies. Along with the application, they also required a website that can get them a good base in the entire district.

Country India
Service School Website & Mobile application for video learning
Technology Used Google API, XML, Java, Picasso Library, YouTube player API, HTML, CSS, SASS, JQUERY, AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT, WordPress
Industry Education
Key Features

As per the requirement of the school management team, we needed to integrate the diksha videos and also the videos from Swayamprabha. To do this, YouTube API integration was done and we made a separate channel to upload the videos and then linked it with the Application.

About NSYICKarhal

Narsingh Yadav Inter College is a school at Karhal district in Uttar Pradesh, facilitating education from class 1-12 in science and commerce stream. The curriculum followed is UP Board – Hindi medium. Due to the pandemic need raised for educating students from home and the management decided to have an android based mobile for all the students so that the education can be back on track.

About Ambi UP Board Mobile Application

Developed by AmbiguousIT, this app consists of video and content section where students can enrol as per their present class and then watch the videos and content based on their syllabus.

Playstore URL :- https://NSYICKarhal/


NSYIC Karhal Website Key Points :-

1. Basic 5-page website needed to promote the school locally in the district

2. Mandate to have the contents in Hindi only as in this place, most people know the local language

3. Since website requirement was generated at the last phase of app development, the timeline was only 3 days to design and develop it


Ambi UP Board Application Key Points :-

1. Videos from Dikha and Youtube to be uploaded

2. Syllabus of every class as per the UP Board

3. Registration can be only done class wise. No personal profile to be created

4. Multiple videos for a topic can be uploaded

5. Blended learning for all-round education

6. Customized Content

7. Quick Implementation as the academic session need to be completed on time

8. Best Mobile App LMS for Easy Access

Project Scope & Timeline

Requirements Finalization
Week 1
App Wireframe Finalization
Week 2
App Development
Week 3-5
Website Development
Week 5
Content Uploading
Week 6
Website and App Testing
Day 7

Week 1

Ambi UP Board App Requirement Collection

Idea Collection
Ideating and finalizing of all the requirement from client was a challenge as the team was not very aware of their own requirement and at the same time a technology savy people.

Week 2

Ambi UP Board App Wireframe Finalization

Brainstorming for robust design
Once all the requirement was finalized, here comes the design team in function where they designed every simple wireframe so that it can be easily navigated by any user.

Week 3-5

Ambi UP Board App Development

Stepping stones for Application
After approval from client on wireframe development team came into limelight to implement all the requirement in actual scenario.

Week 5

NSYICKarhal Website design & development

Stepping stones for website
An additional requirement came from client is to develop the website as well for their school. Design and development done on same week to complete this requirement on time.

Week 6

Ambi UP Board Content Uploading

Life of the application starts now
Once the application is completed by the developers team, a team formed only to collect the content from Dikha and Swayam prabha. This team collected and matched every video with the syllabus and uploaded the videos on youtube, linked with application.

Week 6

NSYICKarhal Website Testing

Checking the loopholes left behind
Once the website is developed now comes the testing where all the loopholes that maybe missed by the development and design team was found and sorted. A detailed document prepared by the testing team to make the website flawless.

Week 7

Ambi UP Board App Testing

Checking the loopholes left behind
Testing of an application is most important part when the content is dynamic and need to be get changed anytime. A thorough testing of all the APIs, modules along with the content is checked and verified before handing over to the client.

Week 8

App and Website Handover

Actual test begins here
With Live website and mobile application comes the responsibility to manage the server as well.

Week 10

Ambi UP Board Content Uploading

Reoccurring exercise
Uploading the videos is the continuous process and we are doing it regularly.