Life Secure India Website

Life Secure India website is designed and developed by Ambiguous Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Life Secure India wanted a website with the features of shopping, payment gateway, job application features etc.

The website was developed on Woocommerce platform with a shoestring budget and within 5 days.

Making an insurance website needs a lot of time and effort. The robust shopping features are the key pointers that developers focused during the development of the website.

Country India
Service Website, Payment Gateway, Shop
Technology Used WordPress, WooCommerce, HTML, CSS, SASS, JQUERY, AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT
Industry Insurance
Key Features

Life Secure India's most important requirement is of e-commerce and at the same time the job application to be developed on the same website. This makes things bit complicated which Ambiguous solutions development team had put hard efforts to achieve things in a short time frame.

About Life Secure India

Life Secure India is a website developed for the people who are looking for Insurance options in rural Uttar Pradesh, India. This is the brainchild of Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singhaniya (CMD). His vision is to cater to people with better insurance policies and secure the future of people.

About Life Secure India Services

Life Secure India is focused on services like Life Insurance, General Insurance, Health Discount Card and there is also a section for the people who are looking for jobs.

Life Secure India Key requirements :-

1. More than  types of Insurance in 2 different menus

2. Job section where the candidate details and with CV can be uploaded

3. Uploading of CV can be done in any format

4. Payment gateway to be enabled

5. Budget website development

6. Delivery timeline was too short


Project Scope & Timeline

Finalization of requirements
Day 1
Wireframe & Technology
Day 2
Website Design & Development
Day 3
Shop Page Development
Day 4-5
Shop & Payment Gateway
Day 6
Testing of website
Day 7

Working Process

Day 1

Lifesecure Requirement

Idea Collection
Collating all the requirement of basic website along with the e-commerce requirement and framing with the designing and development team on all the requested points by the client.

Day 2

Lifesecure Wireframe Design

Brainstorming for robust design
The graphic and html design team worked together on both the past to make a robust yet attractive design. The complication handled on designing of e-commerce section to make the website user-friendly.

Day 3

Lifesecure Website Development

Stepping stones for website
The development team implemented the design and worked tirelessly on the coding part. Other than the e-commerce pages, it is a static website.

Day 4-5

Lifesecure E-commerce Development

Shop design & development
Once website is done, now comes the implementation of e-commerce using WooCommerce and uploading all the products for the shop.

Day 6

Lifesecure Payment Gateway Integration

Online payment collection
Integration of apyment gateway on a WooCommerce website when we cannot use any paid option is a areal challenge. The development team done this with a lot of brainstorming.

Day 7

Lifesecure Website Testing

Checking the loopholes left behind
Testing of shop section and payment gateway is the most important part of any website with shopping features.

Day 8 onward

Lifesecure Website Maintainance

Actual test begins here
Once website is handed over, a seperate web panel is designed and developed for the client to manage the shop activities. Maintainance is also a key part of any e-commerce website because products may get updated frequently.