Android software development is the process where new applications are designed for devices running the Android operating system. It can be written using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages” using the Android software development kit (SDK), and non-JVM languages, such as Go (JavaScript, C, C++ or assembly).
Open Source: It is an open source platform. Android software development kit (SDK) is free of any licensing cost or royalty. The Android developer communityoffers its developers a platform forsharing details about scheduled updates and versions. It allows the developer to assimilate update and latest versions into the Android application development project whichfacilitates developers and provide avenues for enterprises, device manufacturers and wireless operators while contributing to the rapid development of the applications.
Adaptable User Interface: User interface very important in application. As the android applicationis customizable and convenient to use Google offer a user interface to be customizable to support developers in developing a custom android application for business. It allows developers to realize their creative ideas with speedy and engaging apps. Data management functions and management tools can be exposed to advanced updates without any major modification.
Diverse Sale Channels: The Android application can be utilized in diverse ways. It is necessary to take interestin more than a single market to distribute your applications. It enables you to establish your own distribution and sales channels other than Google play store and third-partymarketplace. It providesyou with a diverse platform to communicate with your end user through distinguished channels. You can build your own channel to publish your application.

  • Low Investment and Elevated ROI: Software development kit(SDK) of Android is available for free as its relative development cost is very low. It has a low barrierto entry.
  • You just need to pay a one-time registration fee for application distribution. After that, you can use any computer devices for development and any smartphone for the testing of the product.
  • It results in low investment and elevated ROI with the developed interactive application.
  • Seamless adaptability: Android applications are scripted in JAVA programming language.
  • It is simple and non-exhausting to write the application in android if you are expert in JAVA.
  • It is adaptable and easy to maintenance.
  • Market Fragmentation: Remunerative opportunities for business growth surface if fragmentation is being a challenge comes into the picture.
  • It provides the entrance to the huge base of the market which opportunities to calibrate the reach of your Android app.


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