Uber Business Model: Uber is an online website for those who want to dream about traveling long distance journey or day to day journey with their own car without buying a car. in other words we can also say that without investing a big amount anyone can easily facilitate comfortable rides with uber in affordable and cheap prices.  uber is the evolution of something new for teenagers, adults, etc who are looking for job nowadays because as we all know that finding and getting a job is so difficult inflation is high keep increasing and survival of poor family, middle-class family is under too bad situation uber also offers a platform to those who want to starts and establish a business chain in market in field of driving and are very much obsessed with car driving.

Uber Technologies, inc, commonly known as uber, is an American multinational company offering services like cab facilities, food delivery, etc.

Uber cars are high-end cars with having all safety enable modes like tracking also offers services peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service with electric bikes and scooters it also delivered food very fastly in given scheduled time while ordering. The company is based in San Francisco and has operations in over 785 metropolitan areas worldwide. Its platforms can be accessed via its websites and mobile apps found by Garrett Camp & Travis Kalanick in march 2009.number of employees 22,263 worldwide, including 11,488 outside the United States.

How Uber Business Model works?

  • Uber is easy to use.
  • Uber rides are very cheap and afforded by anyone.
  • The interface is very simple and user-friendly.

Vehicle Type:

There are many types of vehicle services for Uber, depending on the city you are living.variety of choices from basic to premium like:

  • Black Car: In this service category Uber provides high-end sedan car to the rider’s location, that may carry up to 4 people at once.
  • Taxi: This calls for a taxi that has an agreement with Uber. These taxis are much like any normal taxi, only difference rider can pay only by the help of the app.
  • UberX: This will send an everyday car to the rider’s location with seating vacant for four people. This is Uber’s budget option having the low fare.
  • SUV: SUV cars are similar to black cars. The key difference is more space then another vehicle type.
  • LUX: All cars in this category are luxury class cars with seating up to four people. This is the most expensive and used only by business class riders known as uber’s most expensive service. Uber works directly with rider and driver mean when user creates an account, after registering on it and booking driver and rider can connect with each other without any interruption all the information shared by driver and rider are secure no one has right to access the information without user and driver permission.

Below I am providing the structure of uber which can help riders to access and book within the application prior to his/her needs:

How To Book a drive with Uber:

  • Download app from Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for ios for mobile application.
  • Web-based application.
  • Registered through email id or phone number and start signing it.
  • Start it, book a ride according to source and destination availability at locations. The rider can check in a particular area, city or region checking that serving by uber or not.
  • Availability of cabs near the location.

Types of vehicles and their services are explained above:

  • Fare details, five-star rating of the driver.
  • Book it collecting all cabs serving at locations.
  • Push notification and SMS after a successful booking.
  • Online location tracker with GPS enabled cars.
  • No other formalities required when ride(OTP) starts and stops.
  • Pay with cash, Paytm, Google pay, Phonepe, and other Virtual payments.
  • Online payment through uber money is also hassle-free and easy to access which loads money and user can book rides.

Technologies that Uber Business Model uses?

The tech side of the App is composed generally in JavaScript which is additionally used to figure supply and anticipate requests. With the continuous dispatch frameworks being based on Node.js and Redis. Java, just as Objective-C is utilized for the iPhone and Android applications. Twilio is the power behind Uber’s instant messages, and pop-up messages are actualized through Apple Push Notifications Service on the iOS stage and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for the Android App.

Uber Revenue Model?

UBER  is having about 22,000 employees at an average of 25,000-40,000Rs. per month per employee. That will make about 30 crores per month approximately.uber is spending a huge amount on advertising such as online, TV, Radio and other mass media channels and on other marketing campaigns cost of tv ads is between 30 lacs to 3 crores per advertisement and the total run budget of an ad is 20 to 300 crore estimated cost of uber spending on online advertising and on google as well is 12-15 crore per month which is very large amount of money.

Uber has to face the losses even after providing the best and cheap at such a great discount. Actually uber invests his money in market segments to attract the customers. uber uses both mass media and digital marketing to engage their audience to retain their customers and to attract new. uber has a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. This helps uber to keep its audience engaged with new offers and campaigns. The bookings can be easily made through the website and mobile application.

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