Trivago Business Model: Why its Trivago, As we know there is some meaning behind everything so Trivago is Tri (french for GO) Va (Spanish for GO)- so it means GOGOGO… Trivago compares hotel prices worldwide in just a few clicks from more than four hundred booking sites in over 190 countries.

Trivago is german multinational company and It was conceptualized in 2005 by 3 university friends or we can say that The Trivago idea is born in 2005 that offers an online hotel search engine across different countries But the development head of the company is from India which is known as “The Trivago guy” (Abhinav Kumar). Trivago attracts traffic using heavy TV commercials.

It uses a different Trivago guy in different countries to attract travelers all over the world. After three or four years of struggle, it went live in Italy, Spain, and France. Now, Trivago is at the position where 3.0 million-plus hotels and alternative accommodations throughout 190 countries which implies a huge notable unicorn. This was once a website and now it is a dream destination where everyone gets their bliss. From 2005 to 2019 it became most of the popular and trustworthy website overall world.

How Trivago Business Model Works:

Trivago is a hotel price comparison website so What would you like to pay for your hotel rooms. You don’t get all the best hotels at one platform But Trivago does this for you. You can get ideal hotels by Trivago according to your budget and comfort. Your dream hotel with an affordable price and convenience. Trivago is here to compare multiple hotels and provide the best of them in any country. Why should we use TRIVAGO:

  • Trivago is easy to use.
  • Trivago segregates multiple hotels and provides the best of them at affordable prices.
  • Trivago is convenient and hassle-free.
  • Less time-consuming website.
  • We can save cash on booking a hotel room for our next trip.

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Did you ever search a hotel online if YES then you would know how much different prices of hotels on a different website? Well, Trivago does the work for you and instantly compares more than 6000 hotels for more than 200 different websites. So you can save your time and money by using Trivago and get a best-loved hotel in an economical budget. Trivago compares more than 100 websites and shows you the most popular hotels and gives you a facility to filter by. so basically this will show you different prices for the same room and then you will able to find what is best or suitable for you.

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Like a customer search for a travel destination e.g. Dubai. Trivago will search results for all OTA’s connected to it and will show the cheapest price to the customer. Once the customer chooses the OTA he gets redirected to their website and can make a booking on their platform. So, Trivago compares the hotels’ rates and gives you the best rate available.

Technologies Trivago Use:

To interact with the users in their communicable language we need technology. So basically to design, development and browsing technology take place first. Trivago uses the latest technology to enhance its quality than others. To run its website or application according to the user’s perspective we use the most appropriate technology to face real scenarios for a hotel chain. some technologies are as following;

Metasearch engine tool for hotels- By MSE sufficient data is gathered, ranked, and presented to the users in a mannered way. A metasearch engine is not a technical search engine it is only a web portal used in Trivago to compare different hotels or different data at a time or we can say apart from visiting various websites just compare on Trivago and go on booking. we can easily book a hotel by these steps:

  • Go to the website
  • Choose your go-to destination.
  • Choose to check in check out details.
  • After clicking on these details you can explore your hotels.
  • Now you can choose your ideal hotel, after reviewing the details book your room with Trivago.

Hotels that we booked by Trivago provided good hospitality like:

  • Wi-fi
  • Digital client facilities
  • Mobile communication
  • Smart room keys

Trivago Business Model Revenue Source:

It is a public company that generates $679.9k in revenue per employee and receives a total of $287.2M in funding. The majority of Trivago revenue is from Expedia groups. It is part of Expedia group holding brands like expedia,, Travelocity, and ebookers and is out of from brands like, and because these groups are competitors of Trivago. In the 2019 Expedia group accounted for 35% and booking holding 39% in the second quarter as compared to 2018. Trivago gathers traffic using TV and online commercials.


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