Pokemon Past and Future are the primaries paired versions of Generation VIII of the Pokemon series and the first core series Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch. The games are set in the Auspol region, which is loosely based on Antarctica. Pokemon Past and Future will be released worldwide on October 17, 2019.

Pokemon Past And Future:

Pokémon is the digital equivalent of cock-fighting and the first version that forced you to make friends. Players can be friends with someone who had the other version of the game if players truly wanted to “catch-’em-all”. In the current era, Pokémon still alone has the ability to somehow retain its simple 2D cartoon charm. Pocket Monsters Red and Green were released in 1996 in Japan and it became an unexpected hit. This eventually developed in the reprogramming of the games into Pokémon Red and Blue. These are the versions that were released internationally and achieved success globally.

Pokemon Past & Future
Pokemon GamePlay. Image Source Google.

This double-headed Red and Blue game was a hit. Pokémon would be a massive understatement. It is mentioned that it has shifted to over 23 million copies. The game is about subjugating innocent creatures for the sole purpose of battle. The success of Red and Blue inspired the creator to make the anime which also proved to be a massive hit and achieved global success.

After Red and Blue’s success, Nintendo made Pokémon an anchor game series for its platforms. When the Game Boy died, Pokémon continued to make the place into people’s hearts. Pokémon X and Y  brought the game into the 3rd dimension. A renewal of Pokémon games is introduced with new gameplay features including the fairy type, character customization and probably most importantly – Mega evolution. Mega evolution is a new type of evolution for previously fully evolved Pokémon. New Pokémon species and Pokémon X and Y broke sales records.

For hardcore Pokémon fans, Pokémon has seen the release of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow on 3DS on the 20th anniversary.

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Mew seeks out Pikachu and his friends Chikorita, Charmander and Piplup to help save the PokePark from getting destructed. Venusaur, Blaziken and Empoleon, former friends and rulers of the PokePark’s regions, have drifted apart. The Lack of friendship between them has shattered the Sky Prism and all the pieces of Sky Prism scattered throughout the land. Sky Prism is kept the Sky Pavilion which is a magical fortress in the heavens where Mew lives will afloat and without Sky Prism, Sky Pavilion will fall and crush all those that live in the PokePark.

Using the Wii remote Pikachu will explore the different zones of the park and the goal of Pikachu is to make friends with 193 different Pokemon. Pikachu has to gather berries, solve problems and clear Attractions so Pikachu can collect Sky Prism pieces.

Pokepark Pokemon Past & Future
Pokepark – Image Source: Google

The park’s areas have the beach zone, meadow zone, flower zone, haunted zone, etc. and different Pokemon types. Some areas are locked and Pikachu can only visit once, he completes a quest and you’ll need to make friends everywhere if you want to save the PokePark.Participating in battles and skill games won’t improve your stats this can be only improved with berries. Berries are also an integral part of leveling up Pikachu’s powers.


Pokémon Torterra is an arcade game that is launched in 2012. Pokémon Tretta focuses on three-on-three Pokémon battles. Pokémon battles require special tiles, called Tretta, that portray one of the various Pokémon species to play. Tretta includes searching and capturing Pokémon in different locations. Pokémon caught in-game can be used in other battles or players can also add it to their collection.

A Pokémon’s type on the obverse of the Tretta is indicated by a symbol. Pokémon’s type tells what move types it will be weak against or resistant to in battle. Each Pokémon has up to three moves as indicated by the segments. Each segment consists of the name and type of the move. Each Pokémon in the first set only had one move but after sets released included Pokémon have multiple moves


Pokemon GO uses your smartphone’s camera, sensors,  location-based algorithms, to place pokémon in the real world. when the player travels around to landmarks and locations in your city.player can catch the creatures and then train the Pokémon’s and prepare them to battle at gyms. The game was created by Niantic collaboration with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Pokémon Go contains microtransactions costing $0.99 to $99.99 and players can also purchase a $35 wrist-worn wearable. wrist-worn wearable lets the player play the game without having any need to unlock your phone.

How Pokemon Go Works:

Pokémon Go uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game and make Pokémon appear on your phone screen so you can go and catch them. As per your movement, different and more types of Pokémon will appear. The appearance of the Pokémon is totally depending on where you are and what time it is. The idea behind Pokémon go is to encourage you to travel around the real world to catch Pokémon in the game.

How To Play Pokemon (Formerly Previous Version of Pokemon Past And Future):

Pokémon Go is free so anyone can download and play. There are Pokémon, for you to catch them,There are also gym leaders and trainers whom you can fight for fame, glory, and loot. You also have the option to customize your in-game character’s look and name. Pokémon Go also has a professor who helps you by giving you your first Pokémon.

In the game, you simply use a controller to move. In Pokémon Go, the player has to travel around the real world. Pokémon Go uses your GPS and clock to detect your location on the in-game map. The game decides which Pokémon appear around you by your location and clock.

PokéStops are notable locations in the real world marked on your in-game map. Players can visit toPokéStops to nab items, including Poké Balls and eggs that can hatch into full Pokémon. Players can also install special items at PokéStops that lure extra Pokémon. The stops glow pink on the map so players know that they can attract extra Pokémon. You can buy items in the store with real money and by this strategy developers are making money.

When catching Pokémon the player’s team Pokémon doesn’t fight with them instead, the battle is between player and the Pokémon directly. Player swipe to throw a Poké Ball to the Pokémon and the device used to capture Pokémon in their direction.

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Final Words: Pokemon Past And Future

In traditional Pokémon battles, players have to fight gym leaders and other trainers. Pokémon Go battles are decided by your Pokémon’s combat power there is a stat attached to each of your Pokémon and the player have to tap the screen to make your Pokémon attack the enemy.

Pokemon Past & Future Version
Pokemon Past & Future, Image- Google

The only way to make your Pokémon stronger and evolve them is to use special items. Players can get special items by catching Pokémon and fighting gym leaders. These activities also increase your trainer level and open up content like gyms and increase your chance to find the rare Pokémon.

There are some reports that people are getting into real-life arguments over the game. People not only did robbery but also there are reports for the injury as well due to the game. Although police have warned the players about going into places they’re not supposed to or any dangerous place. There are chances that most players will be responsible and don’t face these kinds of issues. These are risks that are directly attaching a video game to the real world.


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