You never get a second chance to make a first impression — that’s why your homepage is undoubtedly one of the most important web pages on your website. Here are a few checklists to design best homepage ever.

That’s right “unfortunately, a lot of people still judge a book by its cover.”

What happens when you attempt to market a front door, cracks in the driveway, and a house with an overgrown garden? Right, no offers? That is exactly why you will need the homepage layout for your site. Consider your homepage appeal. It is the first thing lots of folks see when they see your site, so you need to wow them at the moment the page loads.

However, it is not just about aesthetics. You also need your homepage to convert. As I mentioned above, a front door and a driveway prevent prospective buyers. The same is true for your website. Individuals cannot or won’t convert if you do not give them an incentive to do this and if you do not make connecting as simple and intuitive as possible.

The first step in winning clients over is to understand. As soon as you’ve mastered the fundamentals, draw inspiration so you can find out what is going to work best for your audience and your company.

Best Home Page Design Ever:

A homepage layout tells them everything you want them to do next, welcomes your viewers to your website, and enables them to explore your site. You are able to layer on sophistication, but need to prune it and you do not need to begin with a mess. Begin with the fundamentals. Make sure every component satisfies at least one of the four aims when you start planning your layout out.

You may add sophistication but need to prune it and you do not need to begin with a mess. Begin with the fundamentals. What do you want on your homepage? What will your audience expect? And which components take priority?

You will have the info you need for homepage design, Once you can answer these questions. In web design components have specific functions.

Helping your target audience get to know your company

Many of your site visitors will find your homepage. With that in mind, you will need to create an impression that is solid. Your homepage should offer a feeling of your company’s values, unique selling proposition (USP), and purpose. You are more likely to lure customers in the event you can convey this information.

Enhancing the user experience on Your Site

Your site is visited by consumers with a purpose. It might be read your blog articles to have a look at your product line or learn if you sell a specific kind of service.

You need to direct that customer. By providing a feeling of your site flows and intuitive navigation, your layout should ease this transition.

Accruing more conversions

You need site visitors to convert if you do not give them the incentive and opportunity, but they won’t. You need to create an email list, but your database will stay empty if visitors can not find a signup form.

You will see an uptick in conversions by making this information readily accessible on your site.

Another way is to make a strong first impression. They will also be more likely to remember it if people enjoy their experience on your site. You won’t make a sale today, but that client will return weeks or days and buy from you.

Improving brand recognition

Make your business memorable by messaging to come through on every page and enabling your brand image. This is particularly true since the site serves as the gateway in regards to your layout.

Tagline your logo, and purpose have to take center stage. Actually, you might wish to add a statement or a form to the top of your homepage at a font that is large — which gives your customers a sense of what you do:

What problems do you solve for your clients? How can you improve your customers’ lives — whether professional or personal?

Don’t force your site audience to have to work out and figure what it is you do. Make it clear from the get-go.

Design Examples for Best Homepage Ever:

Best Homepage Ever
  • Dropbox:

I have called out Dropbox earlier as an exceptional example of good marketing all around. The homepage of the company is different. You’ve got a hero picture that draws on two CTAs and the eye — among which uses a background as it is for the version of this tool, to draw attention.

The marketing copy is extremely simple here. Dropbox understands drills and its target audience down on pain factors that affect them, such as safety and efficiency. Additionally, the navigation is pretty stripped down, with an option to”Compare programs.”

Best Homepage Ever
  • Slack:

I really like the Slack homepage layout due to its specific illustrations. You can not go wrong. I also like the tagline –“Where Function Happens” — since it is creative, but it also encapsulates the tool’s purpose.

Slack makes it clear what people should do. They can sign in or create an account. We have navigation choices than Dropbox supplies, to helping people find what they want, but each contributes.

Best Homepage Ever
  • CarMax:

CarMax struck a special challenge when designing its own homepage. The organization sells and both buy automobiles, so it had to appeal to both audiences. CarMax succeeds as you can see.

Numerous CTAs visitors to sell their car or to find a car to buy. Clean and simple. Since you can view the CarMax emblem on the license plate of the vehicle, the hero image is custom.

Best Homepage Ever
  • StudioPress:

Minimal elements, horizontal design examples, and muted colors make the StudioPress homepage layout shine. Due to the copy, you understand exactly what StudioPress does for the clients: “Build Amazing WordPress Sites.” You have three CTAs.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Green Mountain Energy:

I’m going with a different example of custom images. Green Mountain Energy leaves no doubt about the firm’s purpose. It wants to present energy. There are two CTAs — one for business owners and one for customers — which use contrasting colors to draw the eye.

Best Homepage Ever
  • thredUP:

The homepage layout can get tricky. Do you present the company, show off your flagship product, or overwhelm your audience with a great deal of categories of goods?

You do not do the latter.

In thredUP’s instance, the homepage goes for a seasonal strategy. Apparently, boho design is in (at least for girls ), so we see a custom picture that advertises plenty of boho fashions available. The navigation is designed although hefty, so people can find.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Crazy Egg:

You didn’t think I’d write this article without including Crazy Egg, did you? The homepage of this website concentrates on encouraging the visitor to plug into their URL. There is also a link to initiate a 30-day free trial, together with the trust-building”Cancel anytime” language directly alongside it.

You’ve got social proof in the subhead, which tells visitors how many people trust the tools of Crazy Egg. You encounter content if you scroll down.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Trivago:

You may have heard me state twice or once I love layout that was minimal. You can not get much more minimal than the Trivago homepage layout. It is focused on one thing. That’s it.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Century21:

The term”relentless” caught my attention when I first saw this homepage layout. Would not you want them to be relentless In case you hired a Realtor? I would.

The layout is ideal and attractive for your audience that is Century21. You have access to navigation that is, although there is a focus on searching from the site.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Skype:

I use Skype a whole lot, so I am pretty knowledgeable about how it works. Skype has made a design that addresses its target audience. The graphic subtly communicates the technology works on all device types, and the term”millions” shows how popular the service is.

You have collaborated for: talking, chatting, and the three things people use Skype. The CTA button with the blue background and white text calls attention to itself.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Nest:

The copy and the vision take center stage for the Nest homepage layout. I see some elements of Apple’s layout in this example. You have the merchandise lined up in all of its colors and the tagline”Saving energy never goes out of fashion.” The”Buy now” CTA informs visitors exactly what they need to do next.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Bookouture:

Here is another example of a layout that is minimal. Bookouture is an electronic publisher, primarily of love and suspense books, and its homepage targets writers who may want to publish their books here. Using the computer image to reveal the cover artwork is a smart one. From the header, you have a link for entries, and there is another CTA about what the provider offers to find out more.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Ensurem:

Ensurem is a good example of a minimalist design that still feels cultured and fleshed out. The hero picture helps, as does the color palette that is dark. You get a feeling of refinement.

Notable is that the CTA. It is big, the backdrop is high-contrast, and the background shade recalls the colors in the Ensurem emblem. All fit together.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline:

Nonprofits have their obstacles in regards to homepage design. They also wish to solicit donations, volunteers and help although they wish to help as many individuals as possible. The Suicide Prevention Hotline accomplishes all these goals well.

It is interesting because the CTA that is principal is a telephone number. It is designed for its own audience, although this might sound antithetical contemplating what we see. And if you are browsing on your smartphone, you can click that number to dial it, making it helpful.

Best Homepage Ever
  • FindLaw:

FindLaw has two purposes: educate people about the law and connect customers with attorneys. It caters through its layout to both functions. The CTA — based over the protagonist picture — motivates you to find an attorney near you, although you can use the navigation to find information that is educational.

Best Homepage Ever
  • UnitedHealthcare:

If you are at all familiar with the psychology of color in advertising, you know that blue is used to symbolize psychological and health healing.

That is why UnitedHealthcare’s homepage layout is so powerful. Additionally, it uses images to help CTAs provide clear instructions, and people feel at home.

Best Homepage Ever
  • Lyft:

In my prior post about best homepage examples, I used Uber as one of my selections. It is only fair then that I feature Lyft here. It’s a homepage that uses a custom illustration that is smart to draw audiences and includes a CTA button. It also caters to drivers and passengers.

Best Homepage Ever - Starbucks
  • Starbucks:

Why don’t we shut with a bang? Starbucks isn’t a marketing beginner. The business has set for each coffee shop, and its layout changes would like to promote.

Here, you’ve got two protein shakes that look delicious in addition to copy that is simple but powerful. The”New” icons next to the item names to attract interest, also.

Best Homepage Ever - Tesla Motors
  • Tesla:

Products sell themselves. This is the reason companies like Tesla and Apple always showcase their new products front and center in their homepages.

This is the most easy method for them to engage people to find out more and to pass the magazine thumb test.

Pro suggestion: If your service or product is visual and easy to describe, make the picture the major focus. More complicated or abstract products and services (such as Honey, that provide vouchers when shopping online) often rely on copy, colors, and text to grab a consumer’s attention.

Why you should Design Your Website Homepage

This might sound silly at first, but many website owners who begin user testing are amazed when the people can not explain what the site is about following a moment on the page.

Regardless of your audience’s comprehension level, it is essential to steer clear of complex descriptions or technical jargon that only people within your organization can understand.

Here are the questions your homepage needs to answer

Who are you?

Include your logo, brand name, brand colors, etc..

What do you do?

Always be clear and to the point. This is your headline is so important.

How do you do?

Constantly be clear and to the point. Your headline is so important this is.

Homepage Design Best Practices in 2019: Checklist

Now that we have looked at a number of the homepage layouts in 2019, I will leave you which you can follow when creating your own.

  • Clear

You have created purpose and your USP. Visitors know what sets you apart from the competition and what you do.

  • Dynamic

Visitors can engage with elements like forms, hyperlinks, and content on the site.

  • Contrasting colors

You use color choices to direct your customers’ eyes in which you want them to go. Links, calls-to-action, and headings should stick out on the page.

  • Loads fast

The homepage design that is ideal is fast and slim. It should load in only a couple of seconds so that your visitors tap away or do not get tired of waiting and click.

  • Attractive copy

Don’t be dull! Use language to lure your visitors further and to communicate ideas that are important.

  • Great navigation

You answer the question: “Where do I go from here?” Side and top navigation bars are common amongst homepage layout examples that are great.

  • Mobile-friendly

If your customers access your site using a device that is small, they could use it as efficiently as they could if they used a notebook computer or desktop computer.

  • Relevant calls-to-action

Your site leaves no room for misunderstandings when it comes to what you want people to do. Your call-to-action uses strong verbs and adjectives to drive visitors to click.

  • Engaging

Don’t be dull! Interesting vibrant visuals, copy, and designs all can convince site visitors to come — and to stick around.

Conclusion: Best Homepage Ever

The Best Homepage Ever layout that is Superior does not require you to follow a formula. They are all different from one another, although some site homepages share common components as you can see from the homepages I emphasized above.

In actuality, extending the boundaries of contemporary design conventions can work in your favor, but only in the event, you don’t block the customer’s user experience. It’s fine to create design decisions that are bold but do not do so at the cost of usefulness.

You don’t need to copy somebody else. Construct the best homepage layout for your particular audience, and be sure that you’re presenting your services and products well by highlighting their specific qualities.


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