Top LMS Company In India: Now these days, most of the people prefer to learn and study things online. So here a readymade system that is known as LMS. LMS stands for Learning Management System. LMS is a platform where students get connected with their mentor, trainer & teacher online and also the teachers can teach them online. That’s all the things are easy with LMS.

AmbiLMS can help you to get things done without any headache. You can start teaching your students with LMS, you can start to give training online with AmbiLMS.

AmbiLMS is the best LMS in India which provides the best LMS in India. You don’t need any kind of additional setup for it. AmbiLMS team will do everything for you.

Best LMS in India:

Now in 2020, In India, people also start learning online and the internet. Training and learning is the most important part of growth. Nowadays, People started learning and teaching online. LMS makes it very easy for everyone. Because you can learn or teach someone from anywhere. In India, LMS is a very popular software which helps you to learn things easily.

AmbiLMS is a great LMS platform where you can get the best LMS in India. Herewith great customer support and best user experience which will help you to increase your students and users also.

Top LMS Company In India

Why AmbiLMS is Best Choice For You:

AmbiLMS has the best and top experienced group of developers that provide the best support and updated features for our customers. We provide the best customer support. With a very easy to use interface & mobile-friendly, our cloud servers are secure to store your data and provide you are very good loading speed.

Here are the things which we provide best than others-

  • Customer Support
  • Pricing
  • User Interface
  • Data Security
  • Technical Support & much more.

What Features AmbiLMS Offer:

  • Employee Management
  • Course Management
  • Class Room Management
  • On Job Training (OJT) Management
  • Calander Management
  • Paper Management
  • Trainer Management
  • Online Test Management
  • Notification
  • Data Security
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Complete control from Dashboard
  • Customization
  • Feedback System

  • Employee Management:

In AmbiLMS, You can manage employees and all kinds of stuff which you want to manage. AmbiLMS provides you all kinds of accessibility so you can manage everything on one window.

  • Course Management:

You can manage multiple or single course in AmbiLMS. You can also manage the complete course and any kind of single course.

  • Class Room Management:

You can classify and manage your classroom also. In one window manage your all classroom and students in one place.

  • On Job Training (OJT) Management:

You can manage all on the job training in one place. AmbiLMS provide the best option for On Job Training.

  • Calendar Management:

In AmbiLMS, You can manage your all event calendar and manage the complete course calendar.

  • Paper Management:

In AmbiLMS, you can manage your papers & mock tests easily. You get multiple options for paper management, mock test management & much more.

  • Trainer Management:

You can manage Your trainers under AmbiLMS dashboard. You get these additional features in AmbiLMS only that we provide you exclusively.

  • Online Test Management:

You can manage all online tests and much more. You can manage your online test and mock test on your dashboard. You can also enroll students individually and you can remove them also.

  • Notification:

You can send notification about events, courses & activities from your dashboard. This is also the very best feature that our users like most. You can notify your users without sending them any e-mail, phone call or SMS.

  • Data Security:

AmbiLMS provide a secure and safe environment for our customers. We provide cloud servers and data security. We provide end to end encryption for our customers so that no one can read your data only sender & receiver can view the data. Using our service means you are 100% safe from attackers and online hackers.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

AmbiLMS provide you a very easy to use interface so you can use AmbiLMS very easily. You get various options to manage your courses, student’s data and everything which you provide. With easy to use interface ambiLMS provide top-notch LMS features for you.

  • Complete control from Dashboard:

In AmbiLMS, you can control your courses, students & everything. You have complete control over your dashboard and as well your trainer and students also. You can assign courses manually as well you can remove students manually, you can add users manually, send them emails and notification from your dashboard.

  • Customization:

Our experienced developer provides you a complete option to customize your dashboard and theme as well you can request any extra features also if you think there any feature is missing. You can also take help from our developer or you can just hire one for you.

  • Feedback System:

There is an integrated feedback system which is very good for users, students, trainer, and teachers so that they can provide each other feedback individually and no third once can look at the feedback provided individually. Additionally, students can give a review of the courses they already completed or enrolled in.


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